Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its Convoluted

I'm so ridiculously close to having my thesis done its ridiculous. I'm crazy not to just finish it up. So why am I writing this? I'm not sure.

I stayed up really late last night trying to finish episode 61 of OSMP. I got pretty frustrated with Ardour3 but I think it may have been a result of creating the project in 48khz sampling the recording and mixing everything at 44.1khz. Anyway its out now so go have a listen. I talk a little about IRC a lot about convolution and impulse responses (IRs), and a little about the next Tunestorm. I'm not going to stenograph everything I said in those wee hours of the morning, you can go listen to it, but I'd like to add a few things here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rise of a Podcast Host

Ever do something because nobody else would?

Well, the Haikustorm entry for the tunestorm sat around long enough that I just released it, but it wasn't the only entry...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This post has been lurking in the drafts pile for quite some time. You may as well read it: Hey, I'm actually making progress on my thesis. I think I'll be able to finish it. Someday...

Well, I'm back again with another song (one you will actually get to hear). This time for the Open Source Musician Podcast Tunestorm #7. A tunestorm is like a brainstorm but with music.  Everyone comes up with their own song based on some criteria. There are usually 4-8 songs submitted by different listeners with a decent breadth of genres that come out of it. Themes for the past tunestorms have included freedom, 15 second songs, using household items etc. This time the rule was lyrics in Haiku.