Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rise of a Podcast Host

Ever do something because nobody else would?

Well, the Haikustorm entry for the tunestorm sat around long enough that I just released it, but it wasn't the only entry...

The Open Source Musicians Podcast hosts got too busy and frankly the thrill was gone, so the reveal show never happened. A few weeks ago someone popped up in the Linux Musicians forum and effectively said: forget the podcast lets just have tunestorms. I thought that was great, made a few suggestions and submitted my year-old piece (recently remixed). They decided to continue the previous tunestorm with a haiku theme.

I like the tunestorm idea, and like to hear them all together. There was some discussion about how to do it, but I like the drama of a reveal show. So I piped in that I might be able to make a reveal show. I figured it wouldn't be too much work.

After the due date, we'd scrounged together 6 tunes, and finally after the kids went to bed Saturday night I got the ok to record. Unfortunately I had technical difficulties (qjackctl issuing bogus jackd options) and didn't get any audio recorded until 10:30. Luckily it was a tunestorm so mostly I just blabbered then played the songs and commented on them. I didn't do any post production work aside from balancing all the different tracks so that nothing clipped and shipped it off to the producer at midnight. Not bad. I made a few embarrassing errors in the dialog (most notably I incorrectly identified what "ctl+s" does) but I like the result and it's loaded with my charming wit.

I've had a lot of positive feedback which is very encouraging.  . I really enjoyed it, but I feel like trying to gather news and things will be difficult, additionally scheduling interviews or working with a co-host will be near impossible, since I have no regular recording schedule. I'm concerned the podcast will quickly die. It may just turn into the tunestorm reveal show show which isn't too bad either. For now I have some ideas I really want to share, mostly about DSP misconceptions I've heard here and there.

Anyway, please, have a listen:
OSMP Episode #60

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