Monday, September 19, 2011

About me: In general

I've had 0 hits since the last post. Yet somehow I feel so fulfilled in getting my voice out there. How very sad.

Well I'd like to introduce myself on several fronts, so this is the first of a many part series.

What a narcissist.
But to paraphrase my favorite author (Twain) I wouldn't talk about myself if there were someone else I knew half so much about.

Anyway, after some introspection, I decided I am most fundamentally a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This aspect shaped most of my personality, my priorities, my philosophies, etc., etc., ect.. If you have questions about the "mormon" religion, I love to talk about it, leave a comment or visit the link I just posted. And if you are anti, well thats ok too, I hope we can still be friends.

Second layer: I am a nerd. Somewhere down the line someone told me I was smart and I must have liked that feeling because for a long time now I have been doing what the "smart kids" would do. Its not really a superior ability (I found a report card showing my B average in highschool math), its just I thought I was smart, so I kept doing math and entered the science olympiad and state math competition and such even when I never really was top of the class. The fake it till you make it thing has worked wonders for me.

Yep. Narcissist.
No, really, I don't think I'm that awesome, I just made a bunch of choices and decided to be a smart kid. I was inquisitive which helped. Bill Nye is one of my heros. I love that show still. I never really played games on my calculator, I programmed games. I had a good dad too who helped me through all the math and stuff. So now I am an electrical engineer (EE as in gEEk) getting a master's in control engineering. I tutor math and I LOVE IT! So why am I blogging instead of working on my thesis? Eh, I'm still kinda lazy and really easily distracted.

Anyway the next layer adds a qualifier to the nerd: Band Nerd. Oh sad. I love being a band nerd. I played in marching band and every other band I could. Up until this last semester of grad school I played trombone in the USU Jazz Orchestra. A trombone player. Yep you know the type. I even corresponded in high school with buddies to wear matching shirts on certain days of the week. Total band nerd. But music is a huge part of my being. I'll have a whole post on that layer sometime.

Other important parts of me: I'm a family man. I love being married and our twin sons. I recommend it for everyone. Tons of fun.

I was born in Phoenix, but moved to Clinton, UT where my first memories are, then at 6 or 7 to West Haven, UT where I grew up as a suburban yuppie in a country town. I lived 2 years serving an lds mission in Manila where I got a good taste of real urban living, so I feel like I'm at home with farmers or business moguls.

Mmm, Moguls. I love skiing, but never get to since I have no money. Luckily mountain biking and running are free and thus remain my favorite sports. I'll have a post on that too. I'm sure.

Anyway this post isn't as epic as I thought but hopefully gives a good smattering of who I am. Should have worked on the thesis.

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