Sunday, September 18, 2011

A first post, perhaps a last

SO. This blog started in 2007. I had no idea I started a blog after my mission but I did. It obviously went far, as this is my first post.

I was a pretty consistent journal keeper up until I became a family man and got busy, so somehow I think a blog is the answer. Part of me though feels like I must have reached an all time social low. This blog is a milestone that my interests have become so specialized and dull that I can no longer find society to converse with about these topics and thus turn to the world wide web where I hope to find literally dozens of people who care.

I recently discovered podcasts where people with no particular qualifications discuss a topic you are interested in so you listen to an hour of babble to catch a few lines of genuinely interesting information. I had thought this will help me learn stuff while I do the dishes or walk to school. Ha. I need to find a new podcast I guess. Anyway blogging is pretty similar but you can ctl+f and google. I like that.

The depressing name I selected 4 years ago is not that surprising to me. I've always kept a positive outward character by using artistry and creativity as an outlet for my emo side (what great art doesn't come from manic-depressives?). I've played guitar in the dark. I've written poetry. So maudlin as it is, its full of pathos and self-denial and heck I'm a prideful little cuss inside but the name stands.

I noticed the url is mountain bikes and trombones and that was basically going to be the basis of a name I'd pick today. Marathon Running and Mountain Biking, Mathematic Mormon Musician, or something. Bits, Bands, and Bikes. You get the idea. So the topics will mostly revolve around my adventures in linux and music, with some occasional rants about myself, my life and whatever in tarnation I feel like. Thats what blogging is all about. I'll put the bla in blog.

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