Monday, September 26, 2011

Rakarrack GUI

I volunteered this summer to work on a GUI for the Rakarrack Project. Then I had twins. And school started. And I'm trying to finish a thesis. And graduate someday.

Their needs are a better gui. They currently put ALL the parameters in front of you and it looks fairly cluttered and well.... not slick enough. Users like eye candy. I do at least. So the idea is make it fancier looking without being as fancy functioning. As an engineer I should be totally against it, but I like the project and its an interesting challenge. Problem is I'm too busy to work on it.

But this weekend I decided to hang all my responsibilities aside and work on it. I like
programming and I've enjoyed working on this project. I'm using QT creator for code and Inkscape for all the artwork. So far I've made several classes of widgets that load svg images for the primitive components at runtime. Widgets like dial, slider, button, etc. Its working so far. I'll post that code eventually when its cleaned up.

Saturday I made a pedal widget that loaded the background svg, then you load all the knobs and stuff onto it. Its working really well and it looks really good being scalable. I love SVG's (scalable vector graphics). After a day of coding and debugging I decided I'd throw another pedal together in inkscape. So here is eq:

The challenge with this one is what controls can you cut out? They're all kind of important. I originally left off the gain but I figured a small control doesn't clutter it up much. I decided it would be easier to use with the sliders broken up so I made this asymmetric design that I rather like. If you hate it wait until my skin specification comes out and make your own.

Just for fun here's some of the others I've already designed: stompbox, overdrive, and alienwah.

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